Music - "Freedom Child"

Step 1: Select the RealAudio song title, for MP3.
Not With Her Man
Just A Shame
Just Don't Get It
Everybody's Got Da Funk
Tell A Story
Drift Away
Waiting For You
Pictures In My Mind
Give It Up
Better Solution
How Long
Take Me To A Place

Instructions: The audio files are finally the complete songs, so no matter where in the world you are, if you have access to the internet you can get your Sister 7 audio fix. The Real Audio Clips require a Real Audio Player. The MP3's are done.

For alternate access to all four of Sister 7's studio recordings and some rare recordings, you may visit Sistaland, the flip side to the official website. You may also visit Seven Point Zero or The Seventh Plane, which both have great MP3 and RealAudio selections of live recordings.

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