Music - "Wrestling Over Tiny Matters"

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1. Fallen Angel 3:58
2. Polishing The Looking Glass 4:42
3. Under The Radar 3:29
4. The Only Thing That's Real 4:09
5. Elijah 5:27
6. My Three Wishes 2:34
7. Undone 4:14
8. Loaded 4:23
9. Nobody Knows 4:23
10. Kiss Me Baby 3:24
11. Leave This Love Behind 3:44
12. Superman 3:36
13. This One 4:22

Instructions: The RealAudio files are not the complete songs. The Real Audio Clips require a Real Audio Player. The MP3's are still progress, but soon to be completed.

For alternate access to all of Sister 7's studio recordings and some rare recordings, you may visit Sistaland, the flip side to the official website. You may also visit Seven Point Zero or The Seventh Plane, which both have great MP3 and RealAudio selections of live recordings.

Wrestling Over Tiny Matters | This the Trip | Self-Titled
F.L.N.B. | Freedom Child | Live