Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name change?

Why did we change our name from 'Little Sister' to 'Sister7'? Well, there's a cover band from Boston who had the name 'Little Sister' a short while before we did. Technically, they had a legitimate claim on it even though we had released a major-label album as 'Little Sister'. We did an exhaustive search and found that there were a total of six bands, not including us, called 'Little Sister'. We were signing a new record deal at the time with Arista and knew that even if we settled things with the cover band from Boston, we might have the same problem with some of the others. So we thought, "There are six others; I guess that makes us 'Sister7'."

What is Sister Seven's top 10 albums of the 90's?

Radiohead - OK Computer
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Peter Gabriel - Us
Danel Lanois - For The Beauty Of Wynona
Joni Mitchell - Turbulent Indigo
Missy Misdemeanor Elliot - Supa Dupa Fly
Me'Shell NdegeOcello - Plantation Lullabies
Sade - Love Deluxe
Soul Coughing - Irresistible Bliss
Portishead - Dummy

What is the song "This the Trip" about?

The song THIS THE TRIP IS about my feelings for my lover, overcoming sexual repression in our society, likening the Native American Sundance to the process it took to prove myself worthy of this woman, and ridding myself of old feelings for an ex who is now one of my closest friends.

What is the song "Out of My Hands" about?

This is a song inspired by a relationship I was in a long time ago. The analogy is based on the book The English Patient. I read the book four years before the movie was made and it was a gift from a friend at EMI when we were at that label I thought the "Permanent Winds" in the book, Which are a natural phenomenon that occurs in many parts of the globe For instance in a part of Egypt (which I can't recall the region) There are winds that kick up the red sands and cover the sky and everything on land as well. I compared the consistancy of these phenomena with the consistancy that should exist in a love relationship. At least I wish as, most of us do, that love was that way.

Where can I find the cd "Freedom Child"?

Here's the whole story: After we were together for a few months we decided we needed a demo tape. We went in and recorded eight songs in a few days. We released a tape only and called it "Freedom Child". I think we printed like 500 copies and sold them mainly at shows. Three or four months later we decided we wanted to put out a CD and had written some new songs that we liked a lot. So we went in for a couple of days and recorded five new songs. We released the 13 song CD with new artwork but the same title. We put the five songs at the very beginning of the sequence. So the original tape is just the CD beginning on song 6. I think we printed two or three thousand CDs and released them for limited distribution (very limited). We were very happy the day we sold out of "Freedom Child" and have never thought for a second about re-releasing it. If anyone has a copy, please send it in to us so we can destroy it (just kidding!).

What do Patrice's tattoo's represent?

Patrice said, "They are collection of things that inspired me, which were found in books on my Mother's bookshelf when I was a child.My Mom had a lot of books about religions from all over the world.The band has a Pagan Celtic symbol that is similar to the Ying Yang. It is the masculine and the feminine of the universe joined as one.The words in the band are written in hebrew to Symbolize an ancient Translation of the Word Of God.There is a Catch 22 sort of element in it, as the words I chose are things that Jesus of Nazareth taught during his time on earth.

Above the band is a picture of Joan of Arc.If you don't know much of her and would like to know I highly recomend reading about her.She is one of the most amazing people ever to grace this world in my opinion.She was burned at the stake at the age of 19 after being named the Cheif of the French army and led them through to victory in the hundred years war against the English.She was betrayed by her own and called a witch.She never renounced her faith and later was named Saint Joan.....Check out the web, there's lots of stuff on her.

There's is a lion with wings beneath the sun on my back symbolizing the myths and legends and my metephysical studies as well as my astrological sign.The next part will be below that soon......."